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Wrightsville Fire Station 41

  The mission of the Wrightsville Steam Fire Engine & Hose Company #1, of Wrightsville, Pennsylvania is to enhance the quality of life of all those they serve.

If you are are dedicated and caring, in reasonable health and possess a positive attitude, stop by the station located at 125 South Second Street or call us at 717-252-4770.



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If you are interested in volunteering for your community, please consider joining the Wrightsville Fire Department as Fire Police personnel.  

Please visit http://www.wrightsvillefire.com/content/recruitment/




Is Station 41 a paid Fire Department?

No, the Wrightsville Fire Department is 100% Volunteer - from the fire chief down to the junior firemen.  We pride ourselves on being able to respond promptly with dedicated members 24/7/365 when volunteerism is at an all time low.  Volunteer firemen save taxpayers billions of dollars annually.

 What are the benefits to being a firefighter?

The rewards to being a part the fire department are endless.  Although at times stressful, the benefits outweigh that.  There is a great sense of pride in being able to selflessly serve the community.  When the alarm goes off, there's no feeling greater than being able to quickly spring into action and head into the unknown.  It's also a great feeling to be part of a group of "Brothers" that are always there for each other - inside and outside of the firehouse.

 How can I join the Fire Company?

To join, the easiest way is to just stop by and fill out an application.  The doors are always open and someone is usually in-house 24 hours that can assist you in the process. 

 Where is the best place to place the smoke detector?

The best locations to place your smoke detector are in the kitchen, outside of sleeping areas (ie bedrooms, etc.).  There should be a minimum of one detector on every floor of the house.  It wouldn't hurt to have more, however.  They should be installed where the wall meets the ceiling as smoke rises.  If you should need help with placing detectors, we'd be glad to assist.

Are carbon monoxide detectors really needed?

Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, colorless, odorless gas, which is basically a silent killer.  Without a detector, there is no way of knowing that you are being poisoned until it is usually too late.  We recommend that every home has at least one carbon monoxide detector.

 What do I do when I see an emergency vehicle approaching when I am driving?

When an emergency vehicle approaches from behind, quickly and safely pull to the right shoulder.  If this is not possible (i.e. intersections, etc.) slowly move into the intersection when traffic has stopped and wait for the emergency vehicle to pass.

When an emergency vehicle approaches from the opposite side of the road, it is recommened to do the same, as the vehicle may be attempting to pass a vehicle which has pulled over on the opposite side of the road.  Alot of times, we may have to cross the center line to be able to safely pass the vehicle.

Why does the fire department punch a hole in the roof of a house when it is on fire?

This is referred to as "vertical ventilation".  Basically the purpose of cutting holes in the roof is to clear the building of superheated gases and smoke.  This quickly clears smoke and extreme heat which allows the firefighters inside the building to safely and effectively extinguish the fire.

 Can we schedule a fire engine presentation or station tour?

Yes, with large groups it is recommended that you call to schedule a tour of the firehouse.  With any other quick visits, there is usually someone available that can show you around.

What is the best kind of extinguisher for my house?

The most common fire extinguisher found in the home that we would recommend is a dry chemical extinguisher (ABC).  This extinguisher is useful for Class A, B, and C fires - which is basically wood, trash, electrical, and flammable liquid fires.

Where is the Fire Department located?

The Fire Department is located at 125 South Second Street in Wrightsville.  Just a left turn immediately after coming off of the Route 462 bridge.





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