Wrightsville Borough Stormwater Ordinance 2012-2

Stormwater Permit Application



What is Stormwater Runoff?

Stormwater runoff is the mixture of rain water and pollution that is picked up as the rain water runs off of impervious surfaces such as buildings, parking lots, driveways and roads. This polluted rain water then drains into storm sewers which lead to major waterways such as rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. This pollution can be hazardous to plants, animals, fish and people.


It is very important that we work together to keep our storm drains working at 100% capacity at all times. Leaves, grass clippings, trash, branches, etc. can cause blockage which may result in dangerous street flooding if a storm hits.

 Please report any damaged or blocked storm drain inlets right away by calling the Streets Department at 252-4559.


Minimize the use of pesticides by using this DIY recipe:

Compost Tea Fertilizer

Mix a small amount of compost in the bottom of a bucket and fill with water.

 Stirring occasionally, let the mixture sit for several days.

Use as plant food.
If you decide to embark upon a do-it-yourself project rather than hire a contractor, take the time to educate yourself on the type of permit(s) that may be required. Residents and business owners should use Best Management Practices (BMP’S) to prevent or treat the water that flows from your property and into the Borough storm drains.